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SilverLinen Apparel

SilverLinen Apparel is one of the most renowned shopping online stores for women clothes especially amongst the elites and fashionably forward young and ambitious women.

We brings to you the most fashionable, stylish up to date clothes design by young and talented designers all over the world at a very affordable price.

At SilverLinen Apparel, the clothes are always the main focus.

From traditional Baju Kurung and Kebaya to floor sweeping dresses and not to forget your daily casuals, all of our collections meet every wardrobe need with style.

With no queues and around the clock Online Customer Service, we will help you brings your most desired piece direct to your door.

We got:
- Blouse
- Dress
- Skirts
- Hijab
- Pants
- Baju Kurung
- Kurung Pahang
- Batik Hand drawn
- Jubah
- Cardigans
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